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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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September 1...Angels do not give us life, but they help us make the
                         most of it. Angels do not love us most, but they help
                         us learn to love.
September 2...As much of Heaven is visible as we have eyes to see.
September 3...Angels are wizards with wings, healers with halos,
                         redeemers in robes, and teachers in tunics.
September 4...Angels can't see round the curves of life either;
                         they just know that whatever is waiting, God will be
                         there with it.
September 5...In times of trouble, we can turn to the loving arms
                         of angels sent by God as messengers of comfort
                         and bearers of courage and hope.
September 6...First dare to dream big dreams, then ask your
                         guardian angel to guide the way as you move
                         closer to achieving them.
September 7...To live as angels do, give more than you receive,
                          and love more than you are loved.
September 8...Life is full of moments that only you and your
                         angel share.
September 9...We can look ahead with hope and behind with
                         satisfaction. We can look ahead with fear and
                         behind with regret. But we must never do either
                         so much that we miss today.
September 10..An angel's song on a lonely night is like a sweet
                          friend's kiss.
September 11..If we look hard enough, we can find plenty of angels
                          right in our own lives. They heal us, shelter us, feed
                          us, and teach us. They keep us safe. They entertain
                          us. They help us. They are us.
September 12..Be brave. Be strong. Believe in your angels. Give of
                          yourself. Receive the love you are offered.
September 13..There are many things in life we cannot see or hear
                          or touch, but we know they exist because the heart
                          tells us so. For the heart possesses a wisdom far
                          beyond that of the intellect and a vision far grander
                          than that of the mind. Some call it faith.
September 14..Created beings, we are all made, angels and babies
                          alike. We are created, loved and filled with the
                          wonder of discovery.
September 15..Angels do the work of God. In this way we are like
September 16..Give yourself another chance. Call on the help of
                          angels, and you will prevail.
September 17..The angels see in us God's reflection. They see the
                          mark of their own maker.
September 18..Light my path, direct my steps, shelter me under
                          your protective wings.
September 19..When life is hard, help me not despair; angels
                          around me, please answer my prayer.
September 20..We are never truly alone. Angels wipe away our
                          tears; they tend the tender human heart, our pain,
                          our grief, our fears.
September 21..Autumn leaves float gently to the ground like
                          angels' wings casting off the sun's brilliant hues
                          in a dance of red and gold.
September 22..Heaven is a pandemonium of angel's wings, an
                          uproar of heavenly songs, the clamor of love run
September 23..There are angels all around us, hidden, barely out
                          of sight. You may catch a warm halo glow or the
                          rustle of a wing in flight. There are angels all around
                          us, watching over you and me.
September 24..You can see part of an angel's world in the peace of
                          a sleeping child.
September 25..Angels dance round the throne of God. They
                          worship from true hearts created to love and serve.
                          They dance to the rhythm of God's love for us.
September 26..We who recognize the angels around us can also
                          appreciate rainbows, sunrises, tides, spring, and
                          silver linings. How very lucky we are!
September 27..Thank God each day for the gift of angels.
September 28..Imagine two angels sitting on a pier by a lake on a
                          peaceful night. Light breeze. The sound of water.
                          Conversation about you.
September 29..Hope flies on wings like angels' wings. Hope sings
                          no matter the darkness or the light. Hope lives on
                          when we have the faith that we can believe good
                          things for and from ourselves.
September 30..Your angel will always be with you, lighting your
                          way, as you walk together along life's path.