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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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October 1...God made humans a little less perfect than angels so we
                    would have something to live up to.

October 2...With gentle wings, embrace me in love; be my protector,
                     O angel above.

October 3...An angel is love manifested in glorious physical form.
                    An angel is grace expressed in perfect ethereal beauty.
                    An angel is faith embodied in buoyant spiritual light.

October 4...Angels are not selfish because they remember they
                     were made to give.

October 5...God made angels so that humans would have someone
                     to lean on when he was busy tending universes.

October 6...Angels teach us quietly, sometimes when we don't even
                     know we are learning to be more gentle, to make better
                     choices, and to give more of ourselves.

October 7...Angels can dance on the smallest of spaces to the
                     quietest of melodies. Angels can laugh in the most
                     silent way. Angels can weep and you never feel a tear.

October 8...Angels only worry about what they have, not what they
                     do not.

October 9...The days, the hours, the minutes of our lives are
                     guarded and observed by angels.

October 10..Guardian angel: Watch over us with all the tenderness
                      of your angelic heart.

October 11..A better life for each of us is just an angel's breath
                      away. We can love more and worry less, if only we
                      listen to the messages we receive from Heaven and
                      from our better selves.

October 12..Angels are doorways to the heavens and windows to
                      our bliss.

October 13..If you love with the pure love of Heaven, angels
                      cannot be restrained from being your companions.

October 14..My angel is like the mighty oak: staunch and strong,
                      loyal and true. My angel is like the mighty wind: bold
                      and brave, courageous and free.

October 15..Angels are the closest thing to Heaven that we carry
                      with us everyday.

October 16..Guardian angel sent from above, bless me today and
                      those I love.

October 17..Angels meet us in many places, most of them
                      unexpected. Angels greet us in many ways, most of
                      them unrecognized. It is our expectations that keep
                      us from seeing.

October 18..May you always have an angel to guide you on your

October 19..Angels are filled with peace because they know what
                      they are about. If we could learn from them this one
                      thing, we would be a more peaceful people.

October 20..The presence of angels is a billboard that says,
                      "You Matter."

October 21..When you live with a heart of compassion you have
                      the heart of an angel. When you fill your life with
                      deeds of compassion you do the work of an angel.

October 22..Angels don't lose their temper because they trust God
                      to judge right and wrong.

October 23..Angels give, love, and teach because they exist to
                      help us be more giving and more loving and more
                      wise. We do well to receive their gifts and watch for
                      their lessons and listen for their messages.

October 24..Although our angels are always just a whisper away,
                      they are closest to us when we suffer, when we fear,
                      and when we feel pain and worry. Then, our angels
                      hold us closely in a loving and caring embrace.

October 25..A grudge is too heavy for an angel to carry.

October 26..Joy can ride us like angel's wings into a brighter day
                      where we laugh more than we weep and we give
                      more than we could ever ask for.

October 27..Letting go of our sorrows can be as difficult as
                      letting go of a prized possession. It takes the
                      strength of many angels to pry our hands loose
                      from those sadnesses that have become part of us.

October 28..Until we can see the face of God, he gives us the
                      shadow of angels' wings in which to wait.

October 29..God has blessed us with his hosts of angels to come
                      to our aid and lead us out of the wilderness of fear,
                      doubt, and confusion.

October 30..Angels don't gossip because they find no joy in
                      another's misfortune.

October 31..Angels point us to those open windows that
                      somehow linger unnoticed by each slammed door
                      of opportunity in our lives.