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January 3, 2012
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November 1...Anyone can be an angel to someone else. All it takes
                         is an open heart and a loving spirit.

November 2...Angels are content because they trust their creator.

November 3...As you travel life's winding road, angels light the way
                         and share the load.

November 4...In your deepest distress you are often covered by
                         angels' wings on every side.

November 5...Angels give their best to help us do our best.

November 6...Angels often speak to us in dreams, when the
                         intellect is asleep and the intuition is tuned in to
                         the frequencies of the spirit.

November 7...May we see those around us for who they truly are:
                        Angels, without wings, blessing our lives with the
                        most wondrous things.

November 8...Certain days, certain events come bounding into our
                         way to remind us of how out of control life really is.
                         It is then that we are most grateful for the angels
                         that guard our way and guide our paths.

November 9...Today, I will do my best to be about the business
                         of angels.

November 10..When we believe in each other we act as angels,
                         offering our confidence and the power of our faith.
                         It is no small thing to look in another's eyes,
                         straight and true, and say with sincerity,
                         "I believe in you."

November 11..Let me make my home a bit of heaven on earth, and
                         keep a little piece of heaven in my heart.

November 12..Happiness is getting what you want. Joy is knowing
                         you are never alone.

November 13..Guardian angels, teach me to walk, step by step,
                         in the light of your love.

November 14..Teaching, guiding, prompting, inspiring, circled
                         about in the arms of love; My guardian angel,
                         up above.

November 15..Sometimes hope seems as unreal as the angel
                         beside you. But both are there.

November 16..The angels see in us God's reflection. They see the
                         mark of their own maker.

November 17..Angels look for the best in us and then they nourish
                         that place. They see a vision of who God has
                         created us to be and they dream that dream
                         with us.

November 18..Sorrows weigh us down. They hold us to the earth.
                         They clamp onto us like hobbles that keep us from
                         running, much less flying. But eventually sorrows
                         pass and our angels remain to remind us how to

November 19..Celestial beings, messengers of light, the neighbor
                         next door, even a passing stranger --- angels come
                         to us in many forms.
                                  --- Be open to receive them ---

November 20..Grattitude makes a lady out of a damsel. It makes a
                         gentleman out of a beggar. It makes the angels
                         seem that much closer.

November 21.."Thanks" is the song of angels with their faces
                           turned toward Heaven.

November 22..May I always recall and be thankful for help along
                         the way, and for the unseen helpers who shaped
                         me into the person I am today.

November 23..Guide me on a path that's safe, and let my journey
                          be a walk in grace.

November 24..Grattitude lifts us, like angels, above the cares that
                          weight us to the earth.

November 25..Throughout the season of Thanksgiving, may our
                         hearts be full of love for all humankind. Let us draw
                         near to family and friends and reach out to
                         strangers. In other words, may we act more like

November 26..Candles melt away as they are used. We often feel
                         we are the same --- burning up, burning out,
                         burning down. What we must remember, though,
                         is how we light the room of this world in the time
                         allotted to us.

November 27..Virtuous and true are the angels, sent from above
                         to inspire all God has created. Powerful and bold
                         are the angels, instructed by the beloved Creator
                         to protect all he has given life to.

November 28..On angels' wings, love is spread, disappointment
                         banished, hope enlarged, and happiness increased.

November 29..Angels sow acorns of good thoughts in our lives in
                         the hopes that we will grow mighty oaks' worth of

November 30..Do not waste your time speculating on what they
                         look like or where they come from. Just believe that
                         angels exist, and you will see proof in your life of
                         the miracles they bring.