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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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May 1... The smallest of Heaven's angels is more powerful than the
               largest of earthly problems.

May 2...I love to hear the story which angel voices tell.

May 3...It's not your imagination. Sometimes a "coincidence"
              comes with a lot of angelic effort.

May 4...In the village it takes to raise a child, many of the
              neighbors are unseen.

May 5...Angels awaken your mind to possibilities------
              On earth, in Heaven, and in yourself.

May 6...If ever you feel your arms are too short to reach for the
              heavens, fear not, for there will always be an angel
              reaching out to meet you halfway.

May 7...Angels speak a language only the soul can decipher.
              Angels impart a wisdom only the soul can understand.

May 8...Fear not, for a mighty shield of love protects you.
              Doubt not, for mighty wings of faith surround you.

May 9...When we grant mercy to someone who deserves our
              forgiveness, the angelic self within us becomes more

May 10..Your suffering may make an angel weep into her wings,
               but it will never make her walk away.

May 11..Bright angel, spark of divine fire, touch me with the flame
               of your wisdom, and warm me with the torch of your truth.

May 12..Through the eyes of faith we see the company we keep.

May 13..Angels are the magnificent servants of God, given in his
               perfect wisdom and love to his children here on earth.

May 14..Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it,
               casts the shadow of our burden behind us.

May 15..Angels are our direct link to Heaven.

May 16..In the cold and darkness, a wondrous light appears;
               A promenade of angels to protect us from our fears.

May 17..No one is alone as we journey here on Earth. Angels are
               among us from the moment of our birth.

May 18..Wrap yourself in your angel's wings and be at peace.

May 19..Angel above, extend your wings and protect me on my
               journey today.

May 20..If we live truly, we shall see truly.

May 21..Let an angel into your life, and joy and comfort will follow
               you wherever you go.

May 22..With your help, my shoulders will be strong and my
               burdens light.

May 23..Keep your eyes on the road you travel. That is the only one
               you have the power to change. That is the only one your
               angels will be walking today.

May 24..As much of Heaven is visible as we have eyes to see.

May 25..Angels help lead us out of our own darkness and into
               God's light.

May 26..Ask your angel for an added measure of patience when
               every question asked is a silly one and every one you
               try to help works against you.

May 27..Angels sometimes come in choirs and sometimes come
               alone; but most often when they aren't expected.

May 28..Angels who have touched the face of God will guide
               your path today.

May 29..The kindness of angels has always been available. You
               invoke it yourself when you show love to another person.

May 30..Help me seek truth and enlightenment in all I do today.
               Help me to be more like you.

May 31..Angels are like good friends who go to sleep last at the
               sleepover, who wake up first in the morning, who listen
               more than they talk, and give more than they take.