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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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March 1...We stand as tall as angels when we kneel to help a friend.

March 2...If angels had a job description it would only consist of one
                 task: Do the work of love.

March 3...Your suffering may make an angel weep into her wings,
                  but it will never make her walk away.

March 4...And as we walk on down the road, our shadows taller
                 than our soul, there walks a lady we all know, who shines
                 white light and wants to show, how everything still turns
                 to gold. And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to
                 you at last. When all is one, and one is all, to be a rock
                 and not to roll..........Embrace Your Faith!

March 5...Fly on, sweet spirit, and make straight and safe the path
                 I must walk today.

March 6...Much of human history is marked by the presence of
                 beings who help us to be more than we are. We call
                 these beings angels. We look for their presence, but
                 sometimes forget to see.

March 7...Let me walk beside you; I'll not ask you to support me.
                 I only want to know I'm not alone.

March 8...An angel above me, always to love me.
                 An angel beside me, always to guide me.

March 9...Love lifts angels more so than wings. Love lights their
                 way more so than any halo. And love sings from within
                 them far louder than any harp could play.

March 10..What would it be like to soar into Heaven? What would
                  it be like to worship as naturally as you breathe? What
                  would it be like to dance in the light of God?..............
                  Hold that thought as long as you can.

March 11..In moments of peaceful meditation, angels speak in
                  hushed tones only the heart can hear.

March 12..Angels dispense love, hope, and guidance when we
                  need them the most.

March 13..When we are in touch with angels, we walk to a heavenly
                  rhythm that guides our way.

March 14..Guardian angel, as I look to you, help me find my

March 15..Wrap your wings around my heart and heal me from my
                  pain and fear.

March 16..Beautiful visions of love, angels float like a wisp of cloud
                  in a never-ending clear blue sky, casting love upon the

March 17..You can see part of an angel's world in the peace of a
                   sleeping child.

March 18..Through the eyes of faith we see the company we keep.

March 19..Angels exist in an open, receptive mind and a warm,
                  hopeful heart.

March 20..God sent angels to inspire us to reach for the skies and
                   strive to be more than we ever imagined we could be.

March 21..Giving, receiving. Loving, being loved. Protecting,
                   hiding. Each part of life has room for angelic

March 22..There is no such thing as "too much" spring, too many
                   new leaves or too many flowers. May I do my best to
                   give help and love in excess---For in each day there are
                   never too many hours.

March 23..When you've given all you can, angels are watching.
                   When you've returned kindness for difficulty, angels
                   are standing. When you've forgiven the unforgivable,
                   angels are applauding. When you've suffered but not
                   lost yourself, angels are weeping with joy.

March 24..If you believe in angels, there are good and wondrous
                  things ahead.

March 25..Heavenly ears hear you and rush to touch you with love.

March 26..God has sent a host of angels to guide, protect, and
                   inspire us.

March 27..We would do more of what angels do if we could see
                   more of what angels see.

March 28..One day when we face these beings of light who have
                   guided our path and done God's work in our life, we will
                   wonder how we ever overlooked their presence.

March 29..May the love of the angels dwell in your heart and unite
                   your soul with Heaven.

March 30..Thanks for standing by me, angel, even when I am at my
                   least lovable.

March 31..Join the company of angels, and you'll soon find
                   yourself with more than enough love to give.