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January 3, 2012
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June 1...Angels speak to all of us; some people are just listening
               better than others.

June 2...When you're in too deep, over your head, it's never too late
               to call for help.

June 3...The beauty of an angel is not its robe, halo, or harp:
                Its beauty is its intention.

June 4...A visit from your angel is like a hug from God.

June 5...Seashells cling to the sea. Snowcaps cling to the
                mountains. Stones cling to the riverbed. Like instinctive
                moments in nature, your angel clings to you throughout
                your life.

June 6...Whatever we face before sundown, we will never face it

June 7...Through prayer, our heart's desires are made known to
                the angels, who place our hopes and dreams before our
                loving and giving Father.

June 8...In a world that feels powerless and alone, I'm glad angels
               don't depend on our strength to make a difference.

June 9...Angels give their best to help us do our best.

June 10..Angels do not die, as far as we know. They do not lose
                their loved ones, young or old, to another place. But they
                hold onto the loved ones we have lost until we can get
                there to hold them again.

June 11..Angel, guide my heart and hands to reach beyond myself
                this day.

June 12..No matter how alone you feel, you'll find your journey
                is a shared one.

June13..Hold tight to your angel and she will carry you.

June 14..Thank goodness for angels and children; they have so
                 much in common. Both are pure in heart and have
                 boundless ability to love.

June 15..The powerful archangels watch over the earth,
                 supervising their armies of loving winged soldiers.

June 16..Angels walk by our side every day in every place. They
                love us no matter what happens. They are sent from love
                to us, as an extension of God's hand.

June 17..There are times when we are sure we are alone, until we
                feel something warm and tender touch our heart. Then
                we know an angel is near.

June 18..Angels fill our days with love and light and watch over us
                as we sleep at night.

June 19..Angels can be a comforting presence when life is so

June 20..Beside us, behind us, before us, below us. In every
                imaginable place someone is by our side.

June 21..Your special angel is always there, to cheer, to comfort,
                 to guide, to care.

June 22..In memory of Shawn Mohr (1/3/78 - 6/22/11)
                Life without you, all the love you passed our way.
                Angels have waited for so long, 
                Now they have their way.
               Take your place.
                                 ---Stevie Ray Vaughan---

June 23..May you always walk with the morning star to guide you,
                the summer sun on your back, and an angel by your side.

June 24..Be gentle with those who come your way. Chances are
                they have not felt the presence of an angel for a long time.

June 25..God reaches his hand to you through angels you have
                never seen as well as people you've seldom been without.

June 26..Reach out to people in need, and one day they might call
                you "Angel".

June 27..The start of each day is a promise of love.

June 28..The only way to see an angel is to look with the eyes of
                 the heart. The only way to hear an angel is to listen with
                 the ears of the soul.

June 29..Help me, God, to see the way, the way to a better place.
                And send me your angels, when I reach out my hand,
                to lead me there.

June 30..Help me learn charity, my angel friend. Awake in my heart
                the desire to give freely, and let me know the joy that
                comes from serving others.