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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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July 1...Angels fly, wings or not. It is Heaven's power that lifts

July 2...In moments of discontent, angels remind us to choose 

July 3...When we recognize the spark of the divine within
              ourselves, we touch the wings of angels and our spirits
              take flight.

July 4...Angels connect Heaven to Earth in the most loving of ways.

July 5...Be still; there are unseen angels around you each day.

July 6...There isn't a valley low enough that an angel can't carry
              you through it.

July 7...Around the throne of God a band of glorious angels always

July 8...There isn't a mountain high enough that would stop an
              angel from accompanying you upward.

July 9...Angels are the symbols of the profound made simple.
              Angels are the vessels of the divine made human.

July 10..We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.

July 11..With clean hands and a pure heart, may I be worthy to do
               the work of angels.

July 12..Coincidence is God's way of performing a miracle

July 13..If angels wear colors, they are surely every nuance of a

July 14..Angels are the agents of judgment when they uncover our
               discontent and call us to change our hearts.

July 15..Looking back over the road we've traveled, we sometimes
               see our angels more clearly than ever.

July 16..We reject, resent, show bitterness, envy, and hurt.
               The angels sadly shake their heads.

July 17..We think of some people as angels because they do so
               much good and they take such good care of us. They
               seem to do it all just for the joy of doing it.

July 18..Angels give themselves fully for they have seen the face
               of love.

July 19..Because they've seen a better place, angels whisper hope
               to us in our darkest moments.

July 20..Some believe angel wings are made of the prayers of

July 21..May I learn to love with the perfect love of God and
               angels. May I receive this priceless gift from them----
               and pass it on.

July 22..Angels bring a heavenly dimension to everyday life.

July 23..Footstep for footstep, your way is guarded.

July 24..There is an angel of serenity who sends peace to those
               who suffer or mourn----the kind of peace that can only be
               given by someone who personally knows God.

July 25..It is said that angels come from Heaven, but I have met a
               fair share of them right here on Earth.

July 26..Let an angel run interference, and you will find yourself
               succeeding every time.

July 27..When we reach beyond ourselves we are closest to
               spreading our wings to fly.

July 28..As we become more aware of the power that walks with
               us everyday, we can begin to approach life from a
               position of influence rather than reaction.

July 29..I thought I knew that dreams come true, only as
               storybooks teach them. But I have found that dreams
               abound, and angels help us reach them.

July 30..Guide me, perfect angel, to the place where my spirit can
               soar free from all earthly limitations.

July 31..What is an angel but a human who loves enough to put
               others first? What is an angel but a human who cares
               enough to give of themselves?