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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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January 1...Your New Year begins with hopes and dreams, the
                 best of intentions, and the ruffle of wings.

January 2...Under the shelter of angels' wings, our spirits soar
                 and our hearts sing.

January 3...When you feel lost, pause and look closely around
                 you. Somewhere, somehow, an angel will be
                 waiting to guide you home.

January 4...If that honour be given to princes and governors,
                 ...there is far greater reason for its being paid to
                 angels, in whom the splendour of the Divine glory
                 is far more abundantly displayed.

January 5...Angels follow your steps as clearly as if you were
                 walking on newly fallen snow.

January 6...When children lay them down to sleep,
                 Two angels come, their watch to keep,
                 Cover them up, safely and warm,
                 Tenderly shield them from ev'ry harm.
                 But when they wake at dawn of day,
                 The two bright angels go away,
                 Rest from their work of care and love
                 For God Himself keeps watch above.

January 7...When you're worried about someone you care for,
                 cast your thoughts, prayers, and wishes to their
                 angel. Love them from a distance, then move on
                 knowing they are in good hands.

January 8...Throughout history angels have been our
                 connection to Heaven. There seems to be no
                 protocol too fine or too unworthy for Heaven's
                 angels to touch down and offer their guiding light.

January 9...Angels are all around us, as far as the heart can

January 10..Angels are the power and the creative product of
                  goodness. They give their strength to those who
                  do good as well.

January 11..I have felt the presence of my guardian angel in
                  times of duress like a warm, comforting breath
                  upon my face in a cold winter storm.

January 12..It is the privilege of angels to bring God's
                  blessings to earth.

January 13..Listen for your angels and they'll sing you a tune.
                  But only when you listen closely.

January 14..You often find an angel in the smile of a child.

January 15..Angels exist in our lives every day, but unless we
                  remember how to listen, we are never aware of
                  their presence.

January 16..We do the work of angels when we reach out to

January 17..In the most unlikely of places---perhaps, waiting
                  in your shadow---the most improbable of angels
                  waits for you.

January 18..To the angel that was come to talk with me held
                  me, comforted me, and set me up upon my feet.

January 19..Sometimes not a miracle, but just believing, takes
                  the greatest faith of all.

January 20..To hope is to fly. To fly is to dream. To dream is
                  to believe. To believe is to do. To do is to give
                  hope. To give hope is to fight the fight of angels.

January 21..Make friends with the angels.

January 22..Help me to live well in the present, help me
                  endure well to the end, so that I may live in the
                  presence of angels.

January 23..Some believe angel wings are made of the 
                  prayers of children.

January 24..To believe in angels is to celebrate a reality you
                  cannot see, to respect a realm you're not yet
                  ready for.

January 25..May you have sunshine and moon song and
                  angels as your constant companions.

January 26..Strong yet gentle, angels are spiritual warriors of
                  peace, joy, and love.

January 27..The ignorant say they will believe in angels only
                  when they see them. The wise understand they
                  will see angels only when they believe in them.

January 28..Trust your angels to guide your steps.

January 29..Let your heart and mind be lifted up on the wings
                  of angels.

January 30..Each step I take down the path angels trod is
                  another step closer to God.

January 31..It's a comforting thought to know that angels
                  work and move among us to make the most
                  of the love we have.