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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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February 1...Love fuels the spirit, joy lifts our hearts, and
                   hopes and dreams float on angels' wings.

February 2...The unlikeliest of people harbor haloes beneath
                   their hats.

February 3...Created beings, we are all made, angels and
                   babies alike. We are created, loved, and filled
                   with the wonder of discovery.

February 4...Angels beside me, lead me and guide me.

February 5...Angels are like snowflakes: Each one is special
                   and unique.

February 6...Life is full of moments that only you and your
                   angel share.

February 7...Angels rejoice, worship, and love. They probably
                   whoop and holler as well. We can only imagine,
                   for now, the excitement in their hometown.

February 8...Angels are counselors sent from God.

February 9...Angels do not change your mind; they wait
                   patiently until you do.

February 10..Who's to say a smile from a stranger or a gentle
                    outstretched hand is not the act of an angel
                    in disguise?

February 11..Whenever a baby giggles, an angel is smiling,

February 12..Many an arrow thrown by love be followed by an
                    angel's breath of promise.

February 13..The same angels that sit by your bedside at
                    night have seen the greatest mysteries of life.

February 14..I've heard it said that angels live where love and
                    joy begin. This must mean that all my
                    heartbeats are tiny wings within.

February 15..I call upon God for comfort and solace;
                    he sends me angels to answer my plea.

February 16..Little children are often our angels on

February 17..A new beginning, like the breath of an
                       angel, makes the air a little sweeter and
                       the world seem full of hope.

February 18..Humans are at their best when in the
                       company of angels.

February 19..Try being a guardian angel to someone
                       else today. You may find the blessings
                       you receive are as great as the ones
                       you give.

February 20..We are most like angels when we stand
                       ready to serve the good inside of us.

February 21..Maybe angels don't have wings, and maybe
                       they don't fly, but we believe they do
                       exist, somewhere up on high.

February 22..If love had a form it would look like an
                       angel, soft as a cloud and bright as a star.
                       If hope had a voice it would sing like an
                       angel, clear as a bell and deep as the sea.

February 23..Trust your angels to guide your steps.
                       Trust your feet to take them.

February 24..Because they've seen a better place,
                       angels offer hope to us in our darkest

February 25..With my angel I am never alone.

February 26..Only Heaven can hear the songs your
                       heart cannot sing.

February 27..Angels commune with God above, showing
                       his children his wondrous love.

February 28..Some people in our lives are like angels;
                       their very presence makes our world a
                       safer place.