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January 3, 2012
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December 1...Angels are the closest thing to Heaven that we carry
                        with us everyday.

December 2...Be not concerned with the little things, for there are
                        hosts of angels whose job it is to sweat the small
                        stuff for us.

December 3...The days, the hours, the minutes of our lives are
                        guarded and observed by Heaven.

December 4...We have inside of us the potential for goodness.
                        God put it there. Angels help us find it by lighting
                        our way.

December 5...Angels point out the way, open doors, and turn on
                        the light.

December 6...Today, hold your spirit close, and listen to the
                         whispering of angels.

December 7...Bless me with Your heavenly power, day by day,
                        hour by hour.

December 8...Life seems to run wild, but God holds the reins and
                        angels tend the harness.

December 9...This life as we know it will become something else.
                        And when we cross over, we will suddenly see all
                        the angels who held us and helped us. They will be
                        cheering at the finish line and filling us with love.

December 10..If angels could wish, their wishes would not be for
                         what we would do, but for what we would be in the
                         midst of blessing as well as misfortune.

December 11..To believe in an angel is to acknowledge that life is
                         more than what we see. It is faith in action. It is a
                         step toward seeing reality.

December 12..We aspire to be like the angels, who are one step
                         closer to the divine perfection that created all things.

December 13..Angels have visited humanity by streams and in
                         deserts, by cradles and by graves, and by altars
                         and by bedsides. Angels have touched us at the
                         most earthly of places, but they have seldom left
                         us the same way they found us.

December 14..The strength of an angel is her purity. Truth be
                         known, this is the strength of each of us.

December 15..Angels breathlessly wait for us to choose to love.

December 16..Wherever on earth a light shines into dark places,
                         there will an angel be; shining hope into despair,
                         love into hate, and tolerance into ignorance.

December 17..We are most like angels when we stand ready to
                         serve the good inside of us.

December 18..With my unseen companion I will meet my daily
                         challenges and reach out and embrace each
                         obstacle as my private tutor.

December 19..Help me look at others the caring angel way, that I
                         may not cause hurt by what I do or say.

December 20..Little children lay in snow, arms spread wide in
                         winter's glow, looking up with laughing eyes,
                         making angels just their size.

December 21..There was once a choir of angels that sang about a
                         world full of joy. Perhaps we'd hear them even now
                         if we were as still as shepherds.

December 22..On the day Christ was born, a choir of angels sang
                         in sweet harmony as bells of peace pealed with joy
                         throughout the land.

December 23..May Heaven bless you with the kind of Christmas
                         gifts that never, ever end.

December 24..Angels saw the baby born that many thought would
                         save the world. Angels saw the shepherds kneeling
                         down. Angels saw the wisest kings bowing with
                         their gifts. Angels saw the love that night brighter
                         than the brightest star that has ever shone.

December 25..Joyful all ye nations rise, Join the triumph of the
                         skies; With the angelic host proclaim, Christ is born
                         in Bethlehem.        ---Charles Wesley

December 26..Just as angels guided the Wise Men to Christ, so too
                         will angels guide us to our divine destiny, if we but
                         have the courage to follow.

December 27..We look for what is important. We try to define what
                         matters. We wander from one thing to the next
                         hoping to do something meaningful. With our
                         angel's help we will find it and we will do it.

December 28..Angels follow your steps as clearly as if you were
                        forever walking in newly fallen snow.

December 29..We can often learn to recognize the sound of an
                         angel's voice when we listen to the little urge to
                         do the right thing, to go the next mile.

December 30..Sometimes not a miracle, but just believing, takes
                         the greatest faith of all.

December 31..A wise person accepts the help she is offered.
                         A foolish person swears she'll do it herself.
                         A wise person shows gratitude.
                         A foolish person needs the glory.
                         A wise person dances with the rhythm of her angels.
                         A foolish person trudges to nobody's drum.