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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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August 1...Be kind to yourself. The angels are.
August 2...With God as their employer, no wonder angels are
                   always on their best behavior.
August 3...Listen for angel promptings, feel their comfort, sense
                   their love. With quiet mind and peaceful heart, know
                   God sends them from above.
August 4...Angels work miracles all around us. We just have to
                   open our eyes---and our hearts---to see them.
August 5...Some attributes of a guardian angel: The keen sight of
                    an eagle, The wisdom of a sage, The patience of a
                    saint, The integrity of a martyr; A warrior's courage,
                    A mother's love, A father's guidance, And a divine
                    nature inherited from God.
August 6...Angels do not travel far on anger.
August 7...Angels are observers who walk the pace of a person
                   who has all the time in the world.
August 8...Angels find us, not only when we need them most, but
                   even when we think we are fine on our own.
August 9...The smallest of Heaven's angels is more powerful than
                   the largest earthly problem.
August 10..Only through the lens of faith can angels be seen.
August 11..Music is......said to be the speech of angels.
August 12..Stop, be still, and listen! Can you discern the gentle
                    swoosh of a pair of delicate wings? Do you hear sweet
                    voices singing in divine harmony? Stop, be still,
                    and listen! For there are angels near.
August 13..No river is too wide for an angel to help you cross.
August 14..May you live today with hope that is as certain as the
                    sun, strength that is as steadfast as the mountains,
                    and love that is as true as the angels.
August 15..Have faith in angels, and you'll always have a friend to
                    talk to, confide in, and trust until the end.
August 16..Angels are not greedy because God gives them what
                    they need. It could work for us as well.
August 17..When I am lonely, you comfort me with hugs and
                    friendship. When I am afraid, you empower me with
                    courage and compassion. When I am confused, you
                    encourage me with clarity and direction.
August 18..As I travel life's road, help me find joy in the journey.
August 19..We envy when we think what we have is not good
                    enough. Angels can teach us contentment.
August 20..Angels provide a resting place for weary souls on their
                    way to Heaven.
August 21..There are moments during the day that are undeniably
                    touched by angels.
August 22..At the moment of birth, angels gather to welcome you
                    into the world. At the moment of death, they meet again
                    to escort you into Heaven.
August 23..Angels do not answer our prayers, but they help us
                    remember to pray.
August 24..Ask an angel what she has and she will say, "enough".
                 Ask an angel what she needs and she will say, "nothing".
              Ask an angel what she knows and she will say, "only love".
August 25..Angels meet us coming and going. They cross our
                    paths. They walk by our sides. They lead us, follow us,
                    and pave the ground beneath us. They do whatever it
                    takes to help us do the things God has called us to do.
August 26..Angels help lead us out of our own darkness and into
                    God's light.
August 27..There is a straight line between us and eternity. Our
                    souls are endless like an angel. We hold tightly to
                    these bodies because they are all we know,
                    for like angels, they will last forever.
August 28..Through strife or storm or darkest night, my angel is
                    there to show me his light.
August 29..The unlikeliest of people harbor halos beneath their
August 30..The eyes of a child and the eyes of an angel are much
                    the same, similar in so many ways. The eyes of a child
                    look through the filter of their own innocence; the eyes
                    of an angel look through the filter of the innocence of
                    their wisdom.
August 31..Angels come to help satisfy the hunger we have for