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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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April 1...True friendship is a knot that angels hands have tied.

April 2...No matter how many messages we receive, phone calls we
               get, emails we download, the best message of all is that
               we are loved by those who will never stop loving.

April 3...Listen to the whispers from Heaven, feel the love in your
               heart, and know that angels are nearby.

April 4...An angel sat by an empty tomb one day and told two
               women there was hope for a new life. It's never too late
               to begin again.

April 5...I am so blessed that you can see, not who I am but who
               I can be.

April 6...Some angels wear wings of silken white and golden robes
               so grand. Some walk the earth in blue jeans and lend a
               helping hand.

April 7...Let your angel lead you as you walk the path toward God
               and all his goodness.

April 8...Grant me strength so I can meet each new challenge this
               day will bring.

April 9...Be it ours, when we cannot see the face of God, to trust
               under the shadow of his wings.

April 10..Angels make giving unconditional love look easy. Follow
                their lead, and you, too, may learn this heavenly gift.

April 11..If angels had a job description it would consist of one
                task: Do the work of love.

April 12..We can choose to be glum or choose to be glad. Either
                way, angels are by our side. It's up to us whether we
                choose to enjoy our walk together.

April 13..If angels had coffee breaks and we were able to listen in,
                we'd know more about the miracles all around us.

April 14..Angels are all around us, as far as the heart can see.

April 15..May you have enough trials to keep you humble and
                enough faith to keep you happy.

April 16..It is so easy to imagine angels hovering round our bed
                when we are infants and so vulnerable. Yet when we are
                grown, it's more difficult to imagine the angels willing to
                stick around. And yet, they always do.

April 17..Coincidences are really angels working behind the
                scenes making miracles and magic out of everyday

April 18..Lord, help me make my heart a place where angels will
                feel welcome.

April 19..New beginnings come more often to mortals than to
                angels, for mortals are bound by time and angels bask
                in eternity.

April 20..Once you find your angel, never let her go.

April 21..Some people in our lives are like angels; their very
                presence makes our world a safer place.

April 22..Angels are the hands of God, the feet of God, the voice
                of God, the face of God.

April 23..Angels bring a heavenly dimension to everyday life.

April 24..When we cry alone we don't notice angelic hands on
                our shoulders. But they are there.

April 25..When you look ahead you can only see what you can do,
                not the help you'll receive along the way.

April 26..Riding on the wings of angels you can see your life from
                a distance and put into perspective the small and
                unimportant concerns that hold you down.

April 27..May you have joy after your trials, like a rainbow
                following a storm.

April 28..Let each new blossom peeking out at the sun remind you
                of angels luxuriating in Heaven's light. Then lay your
                head back, feel that same sun on your face, count your
                blessings, and enjoy the luxury the angels do.

April 29..When we suffer, angels wrap their wings around us to
                comfort and protect us and give us time to heal. When
                we are stronger, angels unfold their wings and set us
                free, ready to experience life again.

April 30..The plants breathe out and we breathe in, not noticing
                the exchange. And so we walk with angels, seldom
                noticing the company we keep.